Nursing Clinicals Placement Services

Next Start: August 31, 2020
App Due: July 31, 2020

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Nursing clinicals resources are offered at no additional charge.

wilkes university nursing clinicals in the community

We identify and secure quality nursing clinicals placement sites within your local community.

wilkes university nursing clinicals checklist

A nursing clinicals checklist is provided to you to ensure success.

The Wilkes nursing clinicals placement team works with you to offer a high-quality placement experience that is compliant, meets the University and national guidance for clinical requirements and prepares you for success in your future practice. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Nursing Clinicals Placement Service

How Does the Nursing Clinicals Placement Process Work?

The Nursing Clinicals Placement Team will collaborate with you to secure quality placement sites and preceptors. In addition to completing a Placement Intake Form, you will be responsible for completing all of your clinical clearance requirements prior to the start of your first clinical rotation.

What Value Will the Nursing Clinicals Placement Team Provide?

The Nursing Clinicals Placement Team identifies and secures quality placement sites within your local community. This process allows you to focus on the coursework and the core competencies that will direct your placement experience.  As an active participant in the placement process, providing referrals from your local community increases your chances of securing quality sites and preceptors.

When Will I Receive My Nursing Clinicals Placement Details?

You will receive a notification from your dedicated Nursing Clinicals Placement Coordinator prior to each clinical start date. Once the placement has been confirmed and communicated, you are encouraged to begin working with your preceptor directly to establish a schedule for the term. 

How Should I Prepare for Nursing Clinicals?

You are not alone in preparing for nursing clinicals! Your Placement Coordinator will be with you through the entire process by answering your questions, providing a clinical orientation, verifying your clinical clearances and walking you through the clinical checklist. The nursing clinicals checklist details the dress code, clinical tools and professional expectations to ensure your success throughout each rotation.