Master of Science in Nursing (M.S.N.) — Nurse Practitioner

At Wilkes, we are constantly changing, evolving and growing to meet the needs of our online students. We look ahead to the degree programs, experiences and opportunities our students will need to succeed, and that includes clinical placement services.

Quality Education Within Reach

Wilkes University prides itself on providing a quality education to all who are willing, irrespective of their socioeconomic, ethnic or religious background. You’ll find our competitively priced tuition and caliber of faculty hard to beat. Your return on investment is looking good!

Preparing You to Excel

Our graduate-level nurse practitioner programs focus on the advanced clinical skills that are in high demand, professionalism, and evidence-based practice for improved patient outcomes. Our integrated exam preparation courses provide dedicated study resources, leading to impressive pass rates and graduate success. Wilkes nurses have pass rates on board certification exams that are consistently above the national average.

Clinical Placement and Support

Our Clinical Placement Team provides proactive support and assistance. Securing a clinical site takes a lot of work; there’s no way around it, except at Wilkes. And there’s more:

  • These resources are offered at no additional charge and are built into the program.
  • You’ll also have a dedicated student success advisor to help you from enrollment through to graduation. FAQs