Why Pursue an ABSN at Wilkes?

Wilkes ABSN student in classroom with other nursing students
Wilkes ABSN student in classroom with other nursing students

Are you thinking about transitioning to a career as a registered nurse? Do you have a bachelor’s degree in a different field? If you answered yes to both of those questions, you may be well suited for an Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program. This degree program leverages your previous undergraduate coursework so that you can earn your BSN quickly and become a registered nurse in just 12-24 months.

Wilkes University offers an Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program with unique benefits compared to other accelerated programs. Here are eight compelling reasons to consider pursuing an ABSN degree at Wilkes.


Finances are always a factor when someone is making academic and career-related decisions. If you are weighing your options and looking for an affordable program, this may be the perfect fit for you. Wilkes’ ABSN program costs about $61,500, and financial aid may be available to qualifying nursing students. Considering the average salary of a registered nurse in 2021 was around $75,000, this will be a sound investment for you in the years to come.

Balanced Timeline

ABSN programs are typically between 12-24 months to complete. The Wilkes ABSN program was previously a 12 month program, but a semester was added to better align with the new AACN essentials. An added benefit of extending the program is that the pace should feel more comfortable for most students. It is still an accelerated program at just 15 months to complete.

Online Classroom

Any worthwhile nursing program will prove to be laborious and time-intensive, but Wilkes offers an accelerated BSN with classroom work that is entirely online. There are in person clinicals and residencies where students receive hands-on training, but the classroom work is virtual. This convenient option affords Wilkes’ students far more flexibility in their class times versus traditional on campus learning. While the program requires a full-time commitment and is not possible to complete while working a job, it is an ideal option for students who may have families or other commitments. 

Exceptional NCLEX-RN Results

A good way to evaluate the rigor and success of a nursing program is to examine its NCLEX-RN exam pass rate.For the year 2023, Wilkes’ undergrad first time pass rates on the NCLEX-RN are 93.59%, and our nursing students’ pass rate consistently exceeds the national average, a promising indicator for current and prospective students. Wilkes can better prepare you for this crucial milestone in your nursing career and may increase your likelihood of success when you take your NCLEX-RN exam.

Low-Residency Program

On-campus residency provides students with opportunities to practice their skills in simulated environments, collaborate with peers and faculty, and participate in competency check-offs. While residency is a valuable part of nursing education, it does reduce accessibility for students who don’t live near campus. That’s why Wilkes’ online ABSN now requires only one in-person residency (with an additional virtual residency in the last semester).

Personal Advisors

Achieving your ABSN degree is an incredibly challenging and rewarding accomplishment, but it is a complicated path to navigate on your own. Wilkes assigns a dedicated advisor to each of its ABSN students. These advisors will advise you on your degree path, provide guidance and counseling regarding course selection and course load, assist you during initial orientation, and monitor your progress in class and check in to discuss your needs. Pursuing an ABSN at Wilkes will ensure that you will not have to walk the road to becoming a nurse alone.

Clinical Placement Support

Hands-on patient care is a requisite component of a nursing degree. This practical experience, called clinical placement, teaches students how to apply nursing concepts in diverse health care settings. To make things easier on its nursing students, Wilkes commits to helping you with the logistics of the clinical placement process, and it does this free of charge. By helping you secure clinical placement sites and preceptors, we free up your time to focus on your learning.  You will be assigned a clinical group with a set schedule or with a preceptor and will work according to their schedule (possible evening and weekend clinicals). Depending on where you live, these rotations could be up to 125 miles from your home.

A Trusted Name

Sometimes it doesn’t matter what a program or school can offer you if it doesn’t have a trustworthy reputation. The Passan School of Nursing at Wilkes University has been educating and equipping nurses for over four decades. After almost half a century of existence, we have earned a reputation as housing some of the most experienced, capable, and caring nursing faculty in the country. Just as it has in the past, Wilkes will continue to strive to produce qualified, confident, and competent nurses for years to come.

Get Started on Fast-Tracking Your Nursing Career Today

What else could you ask for from an ABSN program? Wilkes is an excellent option offering exclusive opportunities that few other programs can match. If you are interested in transitioning into a nursing career quickly, don’t hesitate. Connect with one of our admissions advisors today to discuss admission requirements, financial aid options, program outcomes, and more. We are dedicated to your success as a student and nurse and would love to have you join our ABSN program as soon as possible!