Katie Sunday MSN, RN

Katie Sunday
ABSN Coordinator

What makes the Wilkes University online ABSN program unique? Why is the nursing profession worthwhile? Katie Sunday, ABSN Coordinator, shares her experience and perspective on the Wilkes curriculum, on-campus residency and the state of nursing.

Tell us about the ABSN program at Wilkes.

The ABSN program at Wilkes is a fast paced 15 month program that will get you prepared to follow your dream of being a baccalaureate prepared nurse. It is a program loaded with support from the faculty, the placement advisors, and myself. You will be taught online by very qualified and competent faculty who have many years of experience in the field of nursing. You will graduate with a world of knowledge, ready and prepared to become the very best version of yourself as a nurse.

What drives students to this program?

The program is 15 months to complete. It is a program that will prepare the student to become a very qualified nurse. The program is wrapped in a caring atmosphere with the faculty always being there for support for the students as well as myself. We have graduated over 130 nurses so far, who are very successful in all areas of nursing.

What is a low-residency program, and what happens during it?

There is a two-week residency on campus, where you will learn all the skills that you will need in the clinical setting. You will also have the availability to meet all classmates and instructors in person. This is a neat experience because great friendships and bonds between students have been formed during the residency period. We are always sad to have the residency end and the students leave. We will not see the students again until graduation in person. So the residency experience is not only a learning environment, but also a bonding experience as well.

What should prospective students know about the program?

The program is fast paced and very rigorous. You will be learning so much in such a short time. It is also a very valuable and rewarding program, because you get to see your dream come true in a relatively short period of time.

What’s your favorite part of the ABSN program?

I love seeing and meeting the new students when they start the program. Most are nervous about what to expect. My reward is seeing the students on graduation day and comparing them to when I first met them. It is exciting to see how much they have grown and the confidence in their step, knowing that they have achieved their goal. I am just happy that I was able to help them attain their dream.

How has the nursing profession changed in recent years?

Nursing is now more demanding than it was a few years before. With the shortage of nurses, for those who provide care at the bedside, more is expected of them. Technology has changed the profession though, making the process of caring for patients a bit easier. But, to be a nurse is a privilege because we see people in their most vulnerable moments. We as nurses provide the care and compassion to meet these needs. This has been the heart of our profession for decades, and I do not feel it will ever change. It is who we are as nurses.